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In order to try and help you make informed decisions about your purchase, please read through the frequently asked questions below:

Q. I want to wear my baby, but what happens if I trip or fall and I have them attached to me?

A. In reality, a babe in a sling is much safer than a babe in arms in the event of a trip or fall. You are physically unable to drop your baby when they are safely tucked away in a sling. In addition to this, you are far less likely to trip or fall as you have your arms free which helps your natural sense of balance counteract the extra weight you are carrying.

Q. How old is too old to carry?

A. The vast range of baby carriers available on the market mean that there is a carrier for you and your baby (or toddler) right up until either one of you no longer wishes to carry/be carried. Most buckle carriers will support up to 35-40lbs safely so you can enjoy the closeness of carrying your baby as long as you like.

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