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Babywearing Posture Advice

Finding the right sling is really important, but so is how you wear it. Having a baby tends to make you very round-shouldered, as you are always leaning forward to feed, change or pick up your baby - something I call ‘mother’s hunch’! Combine a sling with mother’s hunch and things become very uncomfortable. But wear a sling correctly and you’ve found a wonderfully natural, ‘hands-free’ way to carry your baby.

Posture tips:
Lift your chest (but don’t arch your back) and roll your shoulders back and down
Pull your tummy in so your hipbones lift up and your tailbone drops down
Lengthen the back of your neck so the crown of your head lifts to the ceiling
Stand (and walk) with your feet hip-width apart and pointing straight forward (not out to the side as per the typical pregnant waddle!)
As you walk, put a little bit of weight into your big toes, closing your body
Breathe deeply, with your forehead, eyes, mouth and jaw relaxed
Smile and enjoy!

Kate Coulson, BabyFit
Yoga and pilates for pregnant and postnatal mums, babies and toddlers

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